All pricing includes service in home!


How does it work?

We have a custom tent that we pop up in your home to endure no mess or overspray. The whole process takes about 15 minutes from start to dry! 

When should I spray?

Typically if spray tanning for an event, you would do your tan 1-2 days prior. 

How do I prepare?

Make sure to shave, shower, and exfoliate, and no lotion or product after your shower! 

After I spray?

Wait 8-12 hours to shower. For your first shower, no hard scrubbing, it is best to use your hands. Moisturizer is key, so use a lotion that is spray tan safe! 

Do I really need special lotion?

YES! There are a lot of ingredients in cosmetics that strip your tan. Alcohols, mineral oils, and detergents all will lessen the life of your tan. There are many options, ask your tanning provider which is best for you! 

When do you take appointments?

We are a concierge style business. We take early morning, late night, and same day appointments if needed.